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About US

Mariemont Youth Football and Cheerleading


Mission Statement

The mission of Mariemont Youth Football is to provide an organized youth football and cheerleading program for children in the Mariemont School District who live in the communities of Fairfax, Mariemont and Terrace Park. MYF’s primary goals are to foster skill development good sportsmanship, and teamwork among players and coaches. These goals are accomplished through positive adult coaching and parental involvement and the desire to make sure the kids have a fun exposure to the game of football and cheerleading.



Safety is our main focus.  Each season, all equipment is checked and ensured to meet requirements.  All coaches are trained to properly identify concussions and a physical trainer is on staff for games.  Proper technique is essential to preventing on field injuries and coaches work diligently to instill proper form in players.  


Flag Football
Our philosophy is to provide a structured and organized flag football program within the Mariemont School District designed for kids of all skill levels in grades K-2.  The program strives to attain a positive atmosphere, with an emphasis on team play, development, and encouragement of positive values for all kids.

The season runs from late August through September, and the format includes one weekday evening practice per week, followed by a friendly game on the high school football field on Sunday afternoons.  These games are "intra-squad" games, and parents are encouraged to sit in the stands and watch! Whether it is the practices, game days, or the privilege of running out on the field during the varsity football games to form a tunnel for the players, our goal is to make each child take away something special!


Tackle Football

Mariemont Youth Tackle Football is an organized football program for children in the Mariemont School District.  MYF's primary goals are to foster football skill development, good sportsmanship, and teamwork among players and coaches. These goals are accomplished through positive adult coaching, parental involvement and the desire to make sure the kids have a fun and safe exposure to the game of tackle football.  The EHFYL is a league of "like minded and sized schools" who all share the same goals and experiences we want our young players and communities to enjoy. MYF tackle football starts the first full week of August. For the first two weeks of August we practice 4 days a week. In the third week of August we start our normal 2 day a week practice schedule (Tuesday's & Thursday's).  We not only allow but encourage our players to play other fall sports in addition to football. Boys fall soccer practice will be held on Monday’s and Wednesday’s so that students can play both sports. MYF games start after Labor Day and the season ends before Halloween. Each team will play a 7 to 9 game schedule.

Family Involvement
From coaches to concessions MYF relies on parent volunteers, each family is expected to volunteer two hours per season, there are many ways to get involved!


All equipment is provided by MYF.  However, many families choose to purchase a girdle or white integrated practice pants, this is optional.


Youth Football Night

During one MHS varsity football game per season, MYF Football and cheerleaders will be welcomed onto the field at half time.  All athletes names will be announced and they will run across the field.

Homecoming Parade
During the Annual Mariemont Homecoming Parade, MYF players will enjoying being part of the parade and passing out candy along the parade route!


One Heartbeat

MYF is part of “One Heartbeat” Mariemont Football.  From Kindergarten to 12th Grade, Warriors are “One Heartbeat” on and off the football field; we look after eachother, we high-five in the hallway, and we treat ourselves and each other with kindness and respect.


We look forward to creating a love of the game and fostering friendships that will last a lifetime!